Modern Birthday Calendar


Designed For Many Million Users

QsCalendar uses the Birth Month to contact very easily.

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QsCalendar integrates the iPhone address book. 

The advanced features implemented in QsCalendar makes it very easy to show contact with photo. 


QsCalendar shows contacts according to birthdays automatically.

QsCalendar is designed to connect you easily with your friends and family.

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How to use QsCalendar?

Touch Month Selector

Show contacts according to the Birth Month 

from January to December.

The awesome and unique photo album of the address book.

Touch Year Selector

Show birthdays for the next 50 years.

The calculation is simply ONE TOUCH.

To calculate interesting ages.

When become kids the age of 18?

Touch Contact Photo

Make phone call, video call, 

send message and more.

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Automatic synchronisation!

The contacts are synchronised between your own iOS devices automatically.

QsCalendar selects contacts which have birthday date, from the iOS address book.

The birth year is optional, but it is needed for the age calculation. 

The birth day and birth month of contacts are required.

Easy to touch: Today!

Show most beautiful flowers.

Show the day of the week.

Show birthdays for Today with animations.

Show birthdays for This Week in orange.

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It's very fast and very easy! 

Touch Month Selector, 

Touch Contact Photo,

 Make phone call, video call or send a message. 


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It's a shortcut to access contacts!

Someone remembers the telephone before the mobile?

There are 10 buttons to store the phone numbers of your friends and family.

It's a shortcut to dial the phone numbers. 

QsCalendar logically replaces those buttons with the Month Selector.

 It's a shortcut for many contacts in the address book!

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It's unique!

QsCalendar is an advanced birthday app.

QsCalendar is also the unique photo album address book app.

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Enjoy It On iPhone 6, 7, 8, X, & iPad!


About The Inventor: Master Of Science In Electronics, Telecommunication, Datacommunication, Software Systems & More Than 20 Years Experiences In Advanced Technologies.